Fee Structure

£12.50 per hour during the day

£15 per hour after 6pm

Block booking discount can be applied,please contact below for more details.


Booking Conditions

Booking of the Hall should be made by calling Parish Clerk  on 07771 113258 or by emailing

A Standard Conditions of Hire form will be issued which should be completed and signed by the person responsible for the hire and returned to the above with a deposit of £10 which is non-refundable in the event of cancellation.

Any balance of the fee must be paid no later than one week before the event date or immediately if the event date is less than one weeks away. Any excess deposit will be returned after the event to the hirer provided that all standard conditions of hire have been met.

Please note that the Hall is organised and run by voluntary effort and users are reminded that the premises should be left in a clean and tidy state after the event.

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